Cool iPhone Apps For The Disabled

iPhone apps can be extremely useful when it comes to health related concerns for individuals who may be disabled. For example, an app called Parking Mobility can help handicapped individuals find parking spots for their wheelchair vans. Others such as Allergy Runner can be helpful to anyone who wants to keep track of his or her allergies.

Parking Mobility

It can be challenging to find parking for your handicap vehicles and mobility vehicles. It’s even more aggravating when you find someone parked in a handicap spot who has no business being there. Parking mobility not only helps you find handicap spots; it even allows users to report non-disabled vehicles that are parked in a handicap spot. “Super Users” and contributors are even eligible for prizes and rewards. A version for Blackberry and Android users should be available soon.

Allergy Runner

If you have allergies you know how frustrating it can be in order to keep track of all of them. IT’s also important to note which allergens are triggers in order to isolate them. Users can record their meals and allergic reactions in a journal. Allergies can be categorized by severity and triggers.

Food Additives

Some food additives are dangerous while others safe. The iPhone additives is a useful app for anyone who is health conscious and want to keep track of the additives they may be ingesting. It has a large database with over 450 additives and is searchable. You can even use it when you’re not connected online since the database doesn’t require net access in order to be accessed. Information shown about the additive may include the additive number, substance origin and food industry class.

Sound Amp Lite

If you have difficulty hearing then the Sound Amp Lite app may be very useful. It works with a five band equalizer which means you can personally adjust which sounds you want to amplify and which ones you want to tune out. It’s well-suited for those with minor hearing problems.


It can be difficult to keep track of medications of you take more than one pill daily. The Ipills app lets you know when you need to take a certain medication; you set up the interval.
Diabetes App Lite

This app helps you control your symptoms by tracking factors that affect your blood sugar level. Users can input their activity levels, medication, carb and water intake and weight. A glucose function lets you input your numbers. A calendar is in place in order to help you track your goals and progress every day. The paid option comes with a blood pressure function.

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