Apple iPhone 4 – Undoubtedly The Coolest Mobile Money Can Buy

There is no doubt that the Apple iPhone 4 is the hottest smartphone to hit stores this year. With a completely re-designed appearance and internal layout, Apple has managed to make a number of improvements on previous iPhone models, making it the most successful product launch for Apple to date.

So how is the iPhone 4 different to the 3GS?

Aesthetic design:
The Apple iPhone 4 has seen a complete design overhaul. The 3GS could be seen as an improvement on the 3G, however the iPhone 4 is a completely new phone altogether. The design is slightly more angular with the soft curves of the 3G and 3GS discarded to make way for a sharper more modern looking handset. It is also made from completely different materials. Rather than the familiar plastic casing of the previous models, a brand new metal and strengthened glass handset gives a feel of premium built quality.

The iPhone 4 has a 5 mega pixel camera, a big improvement from its predecessors. As well as the increased pixel resolution, it boasts the ability to shoot HD video in 720p quality. One of the main complaints of iPhone users has always been the lack of a camera flash, so Apple has installed on the iPhone 4. An additional front facing VGA camera is also included which allows easier self portrait photos and the ability to carry out FaceTime video calls. FaceTime is an App which allows two iPhone 4 users to view a live video feed of the person they are talking to, via a 3G network.

Retina Display:
The pixel resolution of the iPhone 4 is so high that individual pixels cannot be perceived by the human eye, hence its name. With a whopping pixel resolution of 640x 960, it is easy to see why the quality of the on screen imagery is so high. This makes it perfect for viewing HD photos and video s in all their glory. At 3.5 inches, the screen is also generously sized and makes for easy touch screen navigation.

The Apple iPhone 4 also includes a seemingly endless list of features as you may expect. From super fast 3G and Wi-Fi internet access, AppStore, iOS 4 and an Apple A4 (1GHz) processor for lightening fast performance, the Apple iPhone 4 really ticks all the boxes. Available in black and white colour variants, and in 16GB and 32GB options, there is no doubt that the Apple iPhone 4 is the coolest phone available.

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