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Welcome to DC Universe Online Guide. This is my first version of a quick introduction DC Universe guide. Note that this dcuo guide just contains basic information. To get more detailed version of the guide, please visit my blog. You can find the link at bottom of this basic introduction DC Universe guide.


This first basic version of DC Universe online guide only contains six main power set descriptions and names of other powers you find in that power tree. I have just listed the six basic ones – Fire, Ice, Gadgets, Nature, Sorcery and Mental. Another version of my DC Universe guide contains more detailed information about weapons and combo tips and tricks that teach you how to effectively use these powers.


Fire power allows you command flame to direct gusts of heat for dealing damage and protecting your allies. In damage role it increases all your damage by 35% where as in Tank role its penalized by 20%. Further down the tree, you get to unlock Fire Power skills such as Immolation and Ignition each of which unlocks another 10 powers included in their respective trees.


The Gadget power allows you to control the battle with mechanical tools and weapons. In damage mode, all your damage output is increased by 35% while in controller role you and your team can recover 110 power over 5 seconds while attacking enemies. You have a really good advantage over Nature and Sorcery power users. You could severely reduce their healing abilities.

More powers from Gadget tree are setting up traps in the battlefield, taser pull to stun and drag enemy towards you, stealth, Fear gas, grenades, sleep dart, etc.

3. ICE

The Ice power allows you to control the ice by shaping it into mighty weapons or protecting your allies with frigid winds. In damage role all your damage output is increased by 35%. In tank role, all damage you deal is penalized by 20%. Normal storm powers increase your defense by 200%. In PvP mode you have a very good advantage versus Gadgets and Mental power users. Ice power users are immune to their effects that debuff as well as highly resistant to their controlling abilities.

More powers from the Ice tree include Storms, Artic Gust, Bitter Winds, Wintry Tempest, Glacier Flash, Blizzard, Avalanche, Resonating Gale, Freezing Wave, etc.


The Metal power set allows you to control or attack your opponent by psychic powers. As usual in damage role your damage output is increased by 35%. In controller role attacking in group will help you and your group recover 110 power over 5 seconds. In Player vs player mode, Mental power users have a good advantage over Nature and Sorcery players. Attacking them will greatly reduce their healing abilities and also has a chance to increase your attack damage by 35%.

More powers from Mental power tree include Telekinetic Push, Bolt Barrage, Psychic Resonance, Telekinetic Bolt, Thought Bubble, Cryokinesis, Mass Levitation, Pyrokinesis, Bastion, Telekinetic Shield, Telekinetic Strike, etc.


Nature powerset allows you to unleash nature’s elemental forces to change your form, cure or heal allies. In Damage role all your damage is increased by 35% where as in healing role all your damage is penalized by 35%. Your health restoration and damage prevention effects are increased by 100%. In PvP mode, you have signification advantage over Ice and Fire power users. Your powers completely ignore their high impenetrable defenses rendering them weak and vulnerable to attacks.

More powers from Nature tree include Vine Lash, Thorn Shield, Briar, Harvest, Swarm, Bloom, etc.


Sorcery powers are reviving allies and summoning pets to do all your bidding. In damage role all your damage output is increased by 35%. In healing role it is penalized by 35%, however, all your restoration and defensive effects are increased by 100%. In PVP mode, you have a significant advantage over Ice and Fire Power users. Your powers can break their tough defenses leaving them vulnerable and weak.

The DC Universe online guide on my blog contains much more detailed information on each of these skills. This is just an an overview. Each of the powers listed in more powers section are elaborated with respect to what they do, when can you get them and how effectively you can use combos.

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Digital Signage Advantages For Your Business

There is nothing as important for any business as passing the right content to the right audience. It is this process that makes sure the target audience has all the information it requires to take action towards the products or services that the company has to offer. Marketing strategies are numerous to pass the message out there. Digital signage is basically an electronic display type of advertising. It is the modern way of passing the relevant business info to the audience and it can make a huge difference for your business.

The signage is what is usually used in retail stores, hotels, airports, train stations and fast food establishments to pass quick info to the customers depending on what services or products are being offered. Images are displayed on LCD and LED monitors and can also be projected to fetch the desired results. There are so many options available to suit different business needs; hence, you will find one that is best for your kind of business to enjoy all the benefits.

It offers web connectivity – The digital monitors used in this type of signage makes it possible for you to connect to the web and hence there are possibilities of enjoying news feeds, currency updates and even weather updates among many others. You therefore have the liberty of incorporating what you feel is most helpful to your customers on the display. You can actually also include video content and blog posts if necessary. It is an advantage you wouldn’t enjoy with most other advertising mediums.

It reduces cost – In as much as digital signage can seem like a costly affair, it actually does have a way of reducing your costs. This is because after installation, you can make changes to your content fast and easy without having to go over the entire process of having fresh print outs done as it is the case with print ads. You will also have a long term system to serve your needs without the risk of content getting lost.

It attracts attention easily – The visual part of digital signage makes it effective in grabbing the attention of everyone coming across your system. The displays are in high definition and with vivid colors making them easier to engage the customers. They will want to know what the display is all about. With the right content included, you will enjoy effective passing of your message.

You can update content easily – This is considering that pricing changes, new products and new services can pop up at any given time in a business. When you have digital signage, you can make the updates as soon as they happen thereby keeping your customers in the know without incurring too much cost while at it. It offers time flexibility you would have not enjoyed with some advertising mediums.

It influences purchasing power – The digital displays can be very enticing to the customers, thus greatly influencing their buying decisions. You basically have a flexible platform for showcasing what you have to make an impact on customers and potential clients.

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What Are the Top Reasons for SMEs and Startups to Use Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is a new breed of technology that is extensively used today. Many companies are developing technologies that are changing the outlook of businesses, is a type of internet based computing where various services are delivered to an organization’s computer through the internet. Moreover, there are numerous definitions for cloud computing such as computers for rent on the internet, virtualized servers, storage in sky etc. Instead of using local servers or personal devices to handle applications, it involves sharing of computing resources.

it is not required to build individual servers or built data centres space, or software licensing etc. Also, entrepreneurs need to pay for the cloud service as per usage similar to electricity. There is no capital expenditure in case. Thus, cloud computing is basically computational power on demand, that is uniformly available like electricity.

There are three layers:

*Software as a Service (SaaS): SaaS refers to software that is deployed over the internet. For example, Dropbox, Gmail are SaaS. The services offered are paid in nature. For example, Google apps for enterprise can only be availed by paying for the service. The SaaS are applications that are consumed by users. The most popular SaaS enterprise tool is Salesforce.com that is an enterprise CRM application.

* Platform as a Service (PaaS): The PaaS is one level below SaaS that serves as a computing platform or solution stack as a service. Entrepreneurs need to deploy the solution stack on top of the application software. The solution stack would comprise of a managed database and the operating system would be loaded on to it. There also consists of runtime environments for different programming languages.

* Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): It refers to virtualized IT infrastructure as a service. These comprise of virtualization, servers, network and storage. The most popular IaaS are Amazon Web Service and Rackspace.

The following are the reasons for SMEs and startups

* No Capital Expenditure and Pay as you Go: Cloud computing does not incur any capital expenditure and it is available as a “pay to use” service. SMEs and startups just have to sign up for the cloud service and use the computational power and pay the bill. Thus, there is no investment required with respect to data centre resources, servers, licencing etc.

* Elastic Capacity: Elastic capacity refers to adding or removing of servers that are hosting applications when required. Elastic capacity helps in handling any load and also helps in increasing the computational power to support the load.

* Self Service: Cloud computing is very API driven and self-service oriented. No guidance or infrastructure is required to understand cloud computing.

* Automation: A startup can automate lot of processes in order to sustain an application. For example in any technology venture, any application is first deployed on development environment, then to test environment and then to production environment. The application can work effectively if the three environments are automated

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Instant Messengers for Enterprises and Data Privacy

As the race to achieve corporate productivity at the global level forges ahead and new tools to help us perform and deliver on a higher plain continue to emerge on the horizon, instant messengers designed for workplace communication are gradually receiving the attention they truly deserve.

Instant messengers, also known as instant office messengers, office instant messengers and business messengers, belong to a unique class of office productivity applications that enable members of a workforce to connect with each other both individually and collectively. The communication is facilitated using text-based live chat much like Google’s GTalk, AOL Instant Messenger, or Yahoo Messenger with a major difference. These first generation instant messengers are designed largely for personal and informal one-to-one communication. Instant messengers specially made for enterprises, on the other hand, are loaded with a wide spectrum of features and attributes specifically tailored for workplace communication some of which include the ability to:

  • Connect employees using login and password credentials across geographies
  • Transfer files including large multimedia files and folders
  • Function seamlessly without LAN or WAN dependencies by connecting directly through the Internet
  • Send and receive bite-sized content in the form of small files and instructions using the sticky note feature
  • Conduct online conferences and meetings
  • Check the status of your colleagues (online versus offline)
  • Supplement chat messages with smileys and emoticons
  • Generate, distribute and archive chat transcripts in order to maintain records and preserve paper trails
  • And we have kept the best for the last!

Workplace Communication in a fully Secure and Encrypted environment

Instant messengers for enterprises allow employees within an organization to communicate freely without any privacy concerns in a fully safe and secure environment regardless of the size of the organization. This is accomplished using 256 bit SSL cryptology similar to what banks, payment gateways, brokerage houses and insurance companies deploy to protect their data privacy. All your workplace communication is encrypted in both directions while in transit and cannot be decoded even if intercepted. Thus corporate intelligence is fully protected behind the corporate firewall.

Security-enabled File Transfers

256 bit SSL encryption is also extended to files that are transferred and shared among employees very similar to the way attachments are transmitted across the enterprise. Your employees and colleagues can both send and receive Excel sheets, charts, graphs, confidential employee performance reports and multimedia files without any fear of intrusion or data compromise. Some messengers even allow you to set permissions and access levels in such a way that admins are unable to either examine or intercept data being shared through the secure file transfer protocol.

SSL Certificate Innovations

SSL certificate providers such as VeriSign, Comodo and others constantly strive to innovate through research and the acquisition of technology milestones. These improvements are reflected instantly in the quality and level of encryption delivered by these messengers who rely, in part, on these services to deliver SSL cryptology.

Enhanced Security in the Cloud

Many of the subscription-based service providers for these messengers use the cloud to deliver messaging services to their clients. Since both the application and the associated data reside in the cloud, it is protected with an added layer of data security that is specific to the cloud. Hence the 360 degree security blanket, which many subscription-based business messenger services receive, is unparalleled. Add to the mix the other benefits of the cloud such as resilience, redundancy and multi-level disaster recovery, and you have a truly professional productivity tool that can transcend all your expectations in the enterprise communication realm.

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